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Invitation to patients and caregivers to share their experiences


The #CatchUpWithCancer Campaign was launched by the parents of Kelly Smith, Craig and Mandy Russell, in collaboration with Radiotherapy4Life.  It is calling on the Government to get cancer services back up and running urgently and to boost them to cope with the backlog caused by Covid.  


Experts are predicting that as many as 35,000 patients could be lost unnecessarily to cancer due to disruptions caused by the COVID response unless there is urgent action to tackle the problem.  Every one of these patients will be an individual and tragic story like Kelly’s and will result in families being devastated all across the country. However, this simply doesn’t have to be the case.


By telling these important personal stories we are able to engage more people and drive more support for the campaign in the media and from politicians.  It’s this kind of support that is fundamental to securing the urgent emergency response needed from Government across all available cancer treatments.  It’s our view that the Government response to the Covid cancer backlog needs to be backed with the same amount of energy and focus as was deployed against the virus itself. 


We are inviting patients and caregivers to share their experiences of delays to treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic by completing this online form.

Your story could help raise awareness of the issues facing cancer services in the UK and help prevent others suffering.

We are aware that sharing your story might be difficult and emotional because of what you are going through, or have been through. Remember, it is your story and it is up to you what you choose to share. Anything you write to us will be kept strictly confidential unless you say otherwise. We will only share, adapt or publish your story with your prior permission.

Don’t worry if the story you submit isn’t perfect - you can just write a few paragraphs about your experience. We will get in touch with you to let you know we have received your story and we may ask for more information.

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Your story is valuable and important - we are very grateful to you for sharing it with us, thank you.

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