​"I owe my life to Radiotherapy"
Bryan Robson OBE
England football legend
​"I owe my life to Radiotherapy"
​"Radiotherapy has
given me my life back"
David Smith MBE
Paralympic gold medallist

1 in 4 people will need radiotherapy at some point in their life. This could be you!


Not everyone receives the best treatment for their cancer because advanced radiotherapy

techniques are currently restricted. Research shows that nearly 24,000 patients are

missing out on vital radiotherapy every year. This needs to change.

We are campaigning for increased funding and better organisation of radiotherapy.


Support our campaign by emailing your MP - this letter will ask them to ensure that

every patient gets the best radiotherapy treatment for their cancer, no matter where they live.

40% of cancer cures are thanks to radiotherapy,

alone or combined with other treatments.

World Cancer Day event, 4th February 2020


MP drop-in event, 30th April 2019


If you wish to support our work, please consider a donation

to Action Radiotherapy our charity partner

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