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Please support our ‘Catch Up With Cancer’ campaign, launched in conjunction with Craig and Mandy Russell who lost their daughter Kelly to bowel cancer. Her life expectancy was drastically cut short after her chemotherapy stopped as a direct result of COVID. The campaign is calling for the Government and NHS to boost cancer treatments to tackle the cancer treatment delays caused by Covid-19. 


Experts including cancer specialists, radiotherapy professionals, charities and industry agree thousands of cancer patients will die unnecessary, possibly as many as 35,000, unless extra resources are urgently put into cancer care including a major boost to radiotherapy. 

A recent Panorama programme, presented by Deborah James, exposed the scale of this cancer crisis and the devastating impact of the pandemic on cancer services and patients. It’s left us concerned that the current NHS plan is limited to getting cancer services back to normal by the end of the year.


But the scale of the problem is so big, and the need so urgent, that they need to do so much more and do it much more quickly.  If they are to catch up on the cancer backlog they need to invest more resources and do it with the same sense of urgency and focus as was applied to gearing up the NHS to tackle the virus itself.