The #CatchUpWithCancer campaign was launched in conjunction with Craig and Mandy Russell who lost their daughter Kelly at the age of just 31 to bowel cancer.  Her life expectancy was drastically cut short after her cancer treatment was stopped as a direct result of the Covid-19 response.

Our Mission

The campaign is calling for the Government and the NHS to boost cancer services to tackle the cancer diagnosis and treatment backlog caused by Covid-19. 

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No unnecessary delays to treatment

There is a huge cancer backlog caused by delays, cancellations and disrupted treatments and the only way the NHS will have the tools to #CatchUpWithCancer is with a ‘super-boost’ to the capacity of services.

Experts including cancer specialists, radiotherapy professionals, charities and industry agree thousands of cancer patients will die unnecessarily, possibly as many as 35,000, unless extra resources are urgently put into cancer care.

Treatment utilising the best technology

The scale of the problem is so big, and the need so urgent. The Government need to do so much more and do it much more quickly.  If they are to catch up on the cancer backlog they need to increase investment in technologies, such as radiotherapy, and do it with the same sense of urgency and focus as was applied to gearing up the NHS to tackle the virus itself. 

Have you, or someone you know, experienced a delay to treatment or diagnosis?

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Recent Achievements

The #CatchUpWithCancer campaign started following a public outcry after the BBC Panorama programme “Britain’s cancer crisis” aired in July 2020. We have enlisted the help of MPs via the All Party Parliamentary Groups to press Government for change within the NHS priority and to put as much effort in catching up with cancer as they do with Covid-19.


We've helped Members of Parliament ask 45 written Parliamentary Questions and 20 oral questions. This helps inform MPs of the issues those experiencing cancer are facing and those same MPs, in turn, can make strong representation to Matt Hancock, The Secretary of State for Health.

We've been referenced in over 52 separate pieces of TV, radio and newspaper media. This is vital in informing the public regarding the cancer backlog, telling the stories of individual patients and creating pressure on Government for action.

Recent calls to action have included asking our supporters to Email Their MP. A recent push resulted in 4000 people emailing their MP. That means each MP received 6 emails, on average, regarding our work.

Finally, over 370k people signed our Change.org petition - this shows the strength of feeling from the general public. Many of the comments on the petition tell stories of families affected and are simply heartbreaking.

We know there are so many causes worthy of your donations but please consider supporting #CatchUpWithCancer so that we can continue to campaign for the many families affected.


The cancer backlog is, arguably, the biggest crisis in our lifetime after Covid-19 itself.

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