Parliamentary Events

World Cancer Day 2021

Investment in radiotherapy at the Spring Budget

Parliamentarian virtual drop-in event presenting the case for ringfenced investment in cancer and in particular radiotherapy in the spring budget .

Call for a new national taskforce in cancer with similar powers and energy as the COVID-19 vaccine taskforce.

2075 public supporters emailed their MPs asking them to attend the event.

34 parliamentarians attended, 75 parliamentarians signed a cross-party letter, over 16,000 views of the video we prepared as part of the event.

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World Cancer Day 2020

Travel Times

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Parliamentarian in-person drop-in event at the House of Commons where we presented our analysis of travel times over the NHS recommended 45 minutes to radiotherapy centres.


An account of how travel time effect on the number of patients receiving radiotherapy and how more investment needed.


A letter signed by 77 of the attendees was delivered to 10 Downing Street.